Records kept by the Delaware Office of Defense Services show Biden started Jan. 1, 1969, as a Public Defender. On Feb. 12, 1969 Larkin bolted from Department of Correction guards in the rear yard of the Public Building after picking his locked handcuffs. He was caught two blocks away. He told prison officials he had learned to pick handcuffs from a book, "The Great. Houdini: Magician Extraordinary," which Larkin said he read while at New Castle Correctional Institution. March 25, 1969: Errol A. Larkin, 19, was found guilty by a Superior Court jury of robbery in the mugging of a Folsom, Pa. youth July 29, 1969. A Superior Court jury brought in the guilty verdict after a two-day trial. Larkin was charged in the beating of Kenneth Burnt, 18, who told police he was accosted by three youths at 24th and Bowers Sts., and robbed of his wallet containing $15. May 3, 1969: Errol A. Larkin, 19, convicted of robbery last July 29 of a Folsom, Pa., college student, received a $500 fine and three months plus five years. August 23, 1972 Errol Allan Larkin 30, guilty of kidnapping, conspiracy (five charges), robbery, burglary, grand larceny, possession of firearms during commission of felonies.